Custom Steel Structure Design, Gate, Powder Coated Steels & Others

Solid, Better Privacy and Safeguard your Home

Looking for a Beautiful Driveway or Entry Gate? At KP Awning, We Design and Build Custom Gates that Reflect The Architectural Style of your Home, Whether you have a Modern Design, Traditional Malaysian Design or your Vision of Specialty Craftsmen Effect Finishing.

Finishing Type of Powder Coat, Painted Metal, Wooden Finishing Powder Coating etc


Our Gates Help:

  • Prevent Home Invasion and Burglary

  • Deter Unwanted Visitors

  • Prevent Kids and Pets from Running Out to the Street

  • Comfort Use of Your Yard

  • Keep Unwanted Eyes from Viewing Your Home

  • Raise Property Value; Attract Buyers When it’s Time to Sell

Powder Coating Metal

Powder Coating Process is Similar to Painting to Protect the Metal for Longer Lasting

However, Power Coating has More Benefits in Higher Quality, More Uniform, and Attractive Finish compare to other methods.

Powder Coated Metal last more than 15 years. Under Weather Stress, They can Stretch Easily. Furthermore, they are 2 times Thicker than Wet Paint

It offers Consumer, Business, and Industries Longer Lasting, Wide Color-Durable Finishing at a Lower Cost.

The Color Stays Vibrant & Bright Longer. Wide Choices such as Flat, Satin, Metallic, Candies, Iridescent, High Gloss, or Glitter Finishes Available.

Powder Coating Does Not use Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) and No Solvent.

  • Wrought Iron

  • Wrought Iron Balcony

  • Metal Gate

  • Wooden Finishing Gate

  • Structural Steel

  • Metal Gate Design

  • Door Gate Design

  • Ornament Irons

  • Custom Iron Door

  • Metalworks

  • Louver

  • Aluminium Louvers

  • Powder Coating Frame

  • Louver Windows

  • Powder Coating Metal

  • Powder Coated Aluminium

  • Iron Gate Design

Powder Coated Metal Hanging Rack
Powder Coated Metal Hanger. Custom Made to Simplicity. Hard Surface Finishing for Durability and Long Lasting
Long Lasting Outdoor Powder Coated Sign.
Simple Sign. Long Lasting with Medium Gloss Finishing
Commercial Rack. Powder Coated
Low Gloss Powder Coated . Low Attraction to allow the Commercial Product to be more Attractive. Evenly Finish Surface for Smooth Non Scratch
Wrought Iron Gate Design
Iron Gate Wood Like Design. Recommended Powder Coating for Long Lasting Low Maintenance
Side Door Wrought Iron
Side Door Iron Gate Design. Easy Access with Solid Powder Coated Finish
Wrought Iron Ornament Design
Iron Gate Custom Design with Finishing like Wooden
Powder Coated Rack. Hard Surface
Hard Surface Finishing. Simple Design . Durable and Long Lasting
Simple Wrought Iron Gate Design
Iron Gate Custom Design
Wrought Iron with Ornament Desing
Iron Gate Custom Design
Wrought Iron (6)
Iron Gate Custom Design
Hybrid Gate Stainless Steel & Metal
Iron Gate Custom Design. Stainless Steel for Long Lasting + Low Maintenance. Powder Coated for Design & Low Visibility
Wrought Iron (4)
Iron Gate Custom Design
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