Bad Workmanship & Uncoated Polycarbonate Roof

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Worry About Wrong Selection of Un-Coated Polycarbonate and Contractor who is The Hit n Run Type


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Broken Uncoated Polycarbonate with Disco
Un-coated Broken Polycarbonate solid Sheet. No Coating to Protect from Acid Rain and UV Ray
Uneven and Discoloration
Uneven Discoloration from an UN-coated Polycarbonate.
Hit n Run. Ignorant Contractor who do not use Anti Dust Tape and relevent Accesories
Installer that does not use the Correct Accessories to Prevent Algae, Water & Dust in the Flutes of Multi Wall Sheet.Poor Workmanship offer you Wrong Investment
Color Fade with Poor Workmanship at Prestigious Golf Club
Wrong Decision from Management in Choosing a Bad Workmanship Contractor & Selection Uncoated Polycarbonate. Resulted in Bad Investment.
Non Experienced Installer
Right Product with Wrong Installer = Wrong Investment.
Poor Workmanship which resulted in Algae, Dust and Water in the Flute of Polycarbonate
Don't Engage "Hit n Run" Contractor. They do not offer Best Workmanship and Not Passion in their Skill
Fake 3 mm Uncoated Polycarbonate with Poor Workmanship
3 mm Polycarbonate are Not Suitable to be Use as Roofing due to the Sagging. They require more Metal Structure and Higher Cost but High Heat Occur under the Roof
Discoloration Uncoated Polycarbonate at Cyberjaya
Uncoated White Color Polycarbonate. Attack from UV Ray and Acid Rain. Prestigious Area with Poor Decision result in Bad Roof
Fake 3 mm Uncoated Polycarbonate that Turned Yellow in Short Period
Discoloration ( Yellowing ) of so called 3 mm Roof. Acid Rain and UV Ray Degraded the Roof. Yellowing Roof will be weaken the Uncoated Polycarbonate Roofing
Discoloration, Yellowing and Lost of Light Tranmission
Uncoated Polycarbonate Resulted in Yellowing and Eye Sore View. Wrong Product Used and Installer with No Integrity on Their Workmanship
Fake 3 mm Uncoated Polycarbonate with Poor Workmanship and Wrong Installation Method
Sagging Occur when Engaging Installer that have No Experience. They Do Not know what They Do Not Know
Discoloration Uncoated Polycarbonate with Uneven Color Fading
Long Term Fading will Result in Bad Looking Roofing and Breakage. Investment Gone Wrong in Short period of time
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