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​LEXAN™ EXELL D SCIR Polycarbonate. Outdoor, UV Resistance, IR Blocking

Lexan Sheet Details

Material Technology Reduces More than 30% Heat Build Up in Building

LEXAN™ EXELL D SCIR Sheet offers 10 Year Limited Warranty against Breakage, Yellowing, and Loss of Light Transmission

This Grade offer Heat-Management Glazing, which Blocks near Infrared Heat but Lets in High Levels of Light. The Heat Blocking Technology is from SABIC Proprietary Resin Additives rather than Expensive and Fragile Coatings. This makes the Solar Control Properties Virtually Permanent.

LEXAN™ EXELL D SCIR Sheet passed


  • - ASTM E84 - Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials. - Class A

  • BS 476 Part 7 Method of Test to Determine the Classification of the Surface Spread of Flame of Products - Class 1Y

  • EN13501-1 Fire Test to Building Material - B, s1, d0

  • EN15725-1 Extended Application Reports on the Fire Performance of Construction Products and Building Elements

  • EN ISO 11925-2 Reaction to Fire Tests — Single-flame Source Test

  • NFPA 130 - Standard for Fixed Guideway Transit and Passenger Rail Systems, provides Fire Protection and Life-safety Requirements for Underground, Surface and Elevated Fixed Guideway Transit and Passenger Rail Systems

  • ISO 6000 CENT/TS 16516 VOC Emission Testing - A+/E1

  • ANSI/NFPA Minimum Building Design, Construction, Operation, and Maintenance Requirements Necessary to Protect Building Occupants from Danger caused by Fire, Smoke, and Toxic Fumes - Class A

  • ECE R43 Glazing Approved

Available in Stock
6.0 mm Color Natural, IR Tint Light Green - GN8A081T, 73% Light Transmission
6.0 mm Color Dark Blue - BL6B027T, 43% Light Transmission

LEXAN Exell D SCIR Solid Polycarbonate S

Suggested Structural Installation for LEXAN Exell D SCIR Solid Sheet

The Calculation Applied to Maximum Building Height Up to 8 meters ( 26.25 feet)
Wind Loading based on 600 N/m², Maximum Strong Wind & Near Storm Level

Size of Metal Structure, Supporting 4 Side

= 600 mm width x 600 mm length for a 6.0 mm Thick Polycarbonate Sheet

The Above is the Maximum Size & No Sagging / Wavy Appearance
The Solid Polycarbonate Exell D SCIR Polycarbonate Sheet will Remain Flat

If The Structural Size goes Beyond the Recommended Size, The Polycarbonate Sheet Will Sag & Wind Loading will Fail

Important Accessories

a) Custom Design PSP501 Clamping. Width Designed for Good Clamping
b) Custom Design PSP502 / 504 Cover Clamping.
- Cover of Assembly Screws for Aesthetic
- Reduce Water Sipping through Screw Holes
c) Custom Design PSP503 Rubber Profile. Long-Lasting Rubber for Clamping of Polycarbonate Sheet


​LEXAN™ Exell D. Tough, Durable and Long Lasting Outdoor Applications 

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