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LEXAN™ EXELL D Sheet. Outdoor, UV Resistance Coated Polycarbonate

Lexan Sheet Details

Transparent for Overhead or Vertical Glazing. Virtually Unbreakable

LEXAN™ EXELL D Clear Polycarbonate Sheet offers 10 Year Limited Warranty against Breakage, Yellowing, and Loss of Light Transmission
It has 2 Side UV Resistant Coating for Long Lasting Applications such as Awning, Skylight, Glazing etc

Tested and Passed against various Norms like DIN4102 and ABG.

LEXAN™ EXELL D Sheet passed the Below Regulations

- BS 476 Part 7 Method of Test to Determine the Classification of the Surface Spread of Flame of Products - Class 1Y

- EN13501-1 Fire Test to Building Material - B, s1, d0

- EN15725-1 Extended Application Reports on the Fire Performance of Construction Products and Building Elements

- EN ISO 11925-2 Reaction to Fire Tests — Single-flame Source Test

- NFPA 130 - Standard for Fixed Guideway Transit and Passenger Rail Systems, provides Fire Protection and Life-safety Requirements for Underground, Surface and Elevated Fixed Guideway Transit and Passenger Rail Systems

- ISO 6000 CENT/TS 16516 VOC Emission Testing - A+/E1

- ANSI/NFPA Minimum Building Design, Construction, Operation, and Maintenance Requirements Necessary to Protect Building Occupants from Danger caused by Fire, Smoke, and Toxic Fumes - Class A

- ECE R43 Glazing Approved

Available Color & Sizes
Standard Color: Clear - 112 


LEXAN™ EXELL D Sheet @ 2.00 mm
LEXAN™ EXELL D Sheet @ 5.00 mm
LEXAN™ EXELL D Sheet @ 6.00 mm


Lexan Solid Sheet . Indoor, Outdoor, Hard Coated, Transportation  or Sign Grade.jpg

Suggested Structural Installation for LEXAN Exell D Clear Solid Sheet

The Calculation Applied to Maximum Building Height Up to 8 meters ( 26.25 feet)
Wind Loading based on 600 N/m², Maximum Strong Wind & Near Storm Level

Size of Metal Structure, Supporting 4 Side

= 200 mm width x 200 mm length for a 2.0 mm Thick Polycarbonate Sheet

= 500 mm width x 500 mm length for a 5.0 mm Thick Polycarbonate Sheet

= 600 mm width x 600 mm length for a 6.0 mm Thick Polycarbonate Sheet

The Above is the Maximum Size & No Sagging / Wavy Appearance
The Solid Polycarbonate Exell D Polycarbonate Sheet will Remain Flat

If The Structural Size goes Beyond the Recommended Size, The Polycarbonate Sheet Will Sag & Wind Loading will Fail

Important Accessories

a) Custom Design PSP501 Clamping. Width Designed for Good Clamping
b) Custom Design PSP502 / 504 Cover Clamping.
- Cover of Assembly Screws for Aesthetic
- Reduce Water Sipping through Screw Holes
c) Custom Design PSP503 Rubber Profile. Long-Lasting Rubber for Clamping of Polycarbonate Sheet


​LEXAN™ Exell D. Tough, Durable and Long Lasting Outdoor Applications 

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