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KOMIYA Metal Deck Sheet, Purlin & Truss

Best Installer for New Roof or Old Roof Repair

KP Awning are the Authorized Supplier for Various Metal Sheet, Purlin & Truss as a Complete Solution for Metal Roofing

Low-Cost Roofing Solution for Factory. Modern Look for Residential Roofing.

High-Quality Powder Coated for Long Lasting. Various Type of Metal Deck Profile, Insulation Layer for Low Heat Environment. 

The Stiffened and Reinforcement Ribs are Specifically Designed to offer Strength of Weight Ratio and Cost Effectiveness

Can be used for Facade Wall for factories which offers the Lowest Cost for Wall Cladding

Komiya C Purlin are Produced from Quality Imported High Tensile Galvanised Steel, which is Produced to Meet All International Standard.


The Design of Cut to Length, Standard Punched Holes and Zinc Coated Finishing allow Ease of Immediate Installation upon Delivery.

Metal Roof Solution

  • Metal Deck Sheet

  • Purlin

  • Various Type of Profile

  • Factory Wall Facade

  • Purlin Structure

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